Spread Some Kindness

“A SIMPLE Kind Gesture Can Mean The WORLD To The ONE You Share It With …” -Camilla Downs

This is Gorgeous George in Manchester England. George and his Mum, Cheryl, were out buying a card. Cheryl was having one of those days. The clerks saw how HAPPY a blue balloon made George and kindly gave it to him. This kindness spread to Cheryl and uplifted her spirits.

Simple acts of kindness have a ripple effect like that of a rock thrown in water …. it spreads and then eventually comes back to you ….

Wednesday night an eWomenNetwork friend bought me a box of Dorinda’s chocolates. Yesterday I took some of that chocolate with me to pick up Thomas from school and shared with a friend. She texted me afterwards and said, “Thank You.” She said she had just experienced a heartache the size of Texas and my kind gesture is EXACTLY what she needed.

Spread some SIMPLE KINDNESS today … it truly does ripple in unexpected and magical ways!!! -Camilla

Felt with the Heart

This is a photo of beautiful little Liam using a Light Box with brail tiles and the help of his sister. -Alisha Marie Peters

We choose how to view life … Beauty is in the heart of the beholder … We carry it with us always …. -Camilla Downs