Spread Some Kindness

“A SIMPLE Kind Gesture Can Mean The WORLD To The ONE You Share It With …” –Camilla Downs

This is Gorgeous George in Manchester England. George and his Mum, Cheryl, were out buying a card. Cheryl was having one of those days. The clerks saw how HAPPY a blue balloon made George and kindly gave it to him. This kindness spread to Cheryl and uplifted her spirits.

Simple acts of kindness have a ripple effect like that of a rock thrown in water …. it spreads and then eventually comes back to you ….

Wednesday night an eWomenNetwork friend bought me a box of Dorinda’s chocolates. Yesterday I took some of that chocolate with me to pick up Thomas from school and shared with a friend. She texted me afterwards and said, “Thank You.” She said she had just experienced a heartache the size of Texas and my kind gesture is EXACTLY what she needed.

Spread some SIMPLE KINDNESS today … it truly does ripple in unexpected and magical ways!!! -Camilla

Different iz Good in Phoenix Arizona

Different iz Good in Phoenix, Arizona too!! Go Eric Schaefer Go!! Go Lucas Schaefer Go!! AND Go Nora Schaefer Go!!

(Article published in Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Online – May 11, 2012)

Simchat Shabbat brings joy to families
Service geared toward individuals with special needs

…… Nearly six years ago, our son Lucas was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder called chromosome 18p deletion syndrome. The doctor that gave us the bleak diagnosis knew little about his syndrome – she handed my wife and me a page from a medical journal and said, “Lucas will probably never walk or talk, and it’s likely that he’ll die young.” …. Read more from the original article