Different is…

(Guest post by Susan Moran –Learn more about Susan by visiting our Contributors Page)

Different is…

Different is the loooooooooooooooooong pause after you answer the question, “How old is she?”

Different is the questioning the new doctors have over why this “normal” child is on a liquid diet instead of table food.

Different is checking your schedule for doctor and therapists appointments before you plan a play-date.

Different is your darling explaining orthotics to her friends.

Different is the questions from the school-mates as to why she is acting like THAT.

Different is explaining “words” like IEP and GERD to your friends.

Different is saying; “Sissy, you are sweet I could pour you on my pancakes.”

Different is blowing Daddy hugs so hard he almost falls over.

Different is singing no matter where we are or who is watching.

Different is getting up and dancing in the restaurant when the Latin music moves you.

Different is chatting to the birds and animals on the walk and not noticing or caring who sees.

Different is saying my name is. What is your name? May I have a hug now?

Different is the one more hug, Mommy before you go.

Written by Susan Moran

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