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Our articles are written by parents of children with genetic differences/intellectual disabilities (chromosome deletions and/or additions), parents of those with communication disabilities and parents of those with physical disabilities.  Our goal is to include articles written by affected individuals themselves and siblings of affected individuals.  Because we have views coming from different paradigms you may indeed see inconsistent posts.  You can leave this site knowing you have a well rounded view!

We are looking for individuals who can incorporate the “Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word” theme into contributed blog articles. Please visit the post titled “Why Different iz Good?”, the About Different iz Good page, read some of the other blog posts and visit the Contributors page.  If you think you are a fit for the theme of this website and blog send an email to write @ differentizgood . org, tell us on our Different iz Good facebook page or @ reply to us on twitter to @DifferentizGood.

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  5. I am starting college this year and I am an IEP student,I am in need of an i-pad for school so I can download books and maany other things for school.I am on disability and I have a rare bone disease called the Jaffe-Cappunncci Syndrome,I live with my mom who is always disabled now from years of helping me achive my school goals in my life,pls help me receive an i-pad for my studies,me and my mom will be so greatful,thank you for your help…thank you,

    Victoria Lynn Horn

    • Hi Victoria! The Foundation’s main requirement is that the recipient must be speech impaired (speech unintelligible), minimally verbal or non-verbal as identified in a speech pathology report. Our application is currently closed. When it re-opens (we do not have an estimated time for when that will happen) we gift an iPhone to those who qualify and have the motor skills to use it. We are not currently gifting iPads. We have put together a list of other organizations gifting devices …. http://differentizgood.org/gift-a-voice/other-organizations-gifting-devices/ … Be sure to visit each one of the sites as they may have their own lists of other “organizations gifting devices.” Our list may not be a complete listing.

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