Wish List

Go Here for our Top 10 Wish List

Visit our Get Involved Page also – we’ve got some FUN and NO COST ways for you to help out!

Category 1: <$100

  • Amazon Gift Cards (for speaker cases)
  • iTunes Gift Card for AAC apps (speech generating apps)
  • Any used cell phone, smart phone, iPhone or iPod Touch. The iPhones and iPods are used for the Foundation’s Gift a Voice Project.  All others are traded in towards usable devices and iTunes Gift Cards.
  • Cash Donations for accessories

Category 2: <$500

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iTunes Gift Card for AAC Apps
  • Apple Gift Card for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • Cash Donations for Accessories

Category 3: >$500

  • iPad
  • Apple Gift Card for iPod Touch or iPad
  • Cash Donations for accessories

To make a cash donation or a donation of the items above, please contact Camilla Downs at camilla @ turningviews . org. You can also use the PayPal button below.  Thank You!

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  3. I am a single Mom of a blind/autistic child with limited financial resources. Could you please direct me to how I could possibly get an ipad for my son? He has used it during therapy listening to books, and playing music. Its a great way for him to develop his cognitive skills…. but I cannot afford to purchase one.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! — Gwen Snell

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