Gift a Voice Cell Phone Drive

This can be a great fundraiser project to assist with the Foundation’s Gift a Voice (GAV) Project.

Steps to take to help turn used and inactive cell phones into cash for GAV:

1.  Create fliers to distribute to local businesses, schools, churches and networking organizations.  Use one of our sample fliers or create your own.  If you create your own please email your flier to us before handing it out:  flier @ TurningViews . org.  Sample letter (this is a editable PDF) for a school hosting a Gift a Voice fundraiser. Sample fliers – Great Cell Phone Drive (also an editable PDF) and sample flier for a GAV cell phone drive as a K-Kids project (not editable – feel free to copy and paste and make it your own).

2.  Assemble boxes and distribute to places like health fitness clubs, restaurants, local businesses, post offices, dry cleaners, schools, colleges and independently owned  cell phone stores (and any other location that seems fitting – use your imagination).

Collection Boxes

3.  Check your collection boxes to remove the cell phones once or twice a week.  After accumulating 5 or more phones, pack the cell phones and batteries in a sturdy box using packing material.  **Be sure to include a “PAYMENT INFORMATION SHEETinside the box.**

4.  Sort through the phones for donated iPhones.  If you receive any, please mail those separately to Turning Views Foundation as we can put those to immediate use by gifting to those with communications disabilities.  Mail iPhones only to PO Box 19812, Reno, NV 89511.

5.  Print a mailing label – FREE once you have 3 cell phones.

6.  After you print the label you are ready to ship via FedEx.  If you are shipping from a business you can schedule a pick up.  If shipping from a residence take to your nearest FedEx Kinko’s or other FedEx Office or call 1-888-777-6040.

It’s that easy! You can continue this as an ongoing Gift a Voice fundraiser for your organization, church or school or make it a one time event.

Below is a JPG of our logo for your use on the donation boxes.  Click the logo and it will open the JPG version for your use.  You may only use the logo on collection boxes and fliers for a Gift a Voice Cell Phone Drive.

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