Latest News: Different iz Good Status

As of September 2013 we are no longer a 501(c)3. This endeavor needed and deserved more time, love and funds than I was able to give to it. However, we had a GREAT response during our 3 years and gifted either an iPad, iTouch or iPhone to about 20 recipients who were in need!

This website and blog will stay live and we will continue to spread the Different iz Good message. In fact, I foresee a Different iz Good book in the not so distant future. I will be asking for your stories as the book idea comes together. Be sure to subscribe to my personal blog if you are interested in submitting your Different iz Good story as that is where I will post when ready. You can choose to subscribe via your email or a reader.

I am still personally paying the wonderful accounting firm that handled the 501(c)3 IRS paperwork/book for the organization. The remaining balance is $235.00. If you are interested in helping with that you can donate here or continue to send in cell phones. Once the accounting firm bill is paid in full I will disable the donate buttons on this site.

We also have just a few Different iz Good t shirts remaining. If you would like one, comment here and we will be in touch.

Thank you to everyone for your support, love, kindness, and donations during our 3 or so years. We couldn’t have accomplished all that we did without YOU!!

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D iz for Different Book Trailer

And here it IS y’all … the “D iz for Different” book trailer! Have FUN sharing it if you feel appropriate! Thanks y’all!

A % of sales will be donated to Turning Views Foundation (DIG) and The Chromosome 18 Registry! Happy Sunday! –Camilla Downs

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Flexibility Training Led to Different iz Good

We love acknowledging those that Get Involved with the Different iz Good movement and the Turning Views Foundation ~ And, this one’s a biggie! The slogan Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word may never have existed but for the comments of a fellow Chromsome 18 Mom. In 2008 we were discussing how our beautiful special needs kiddos do not like change and changes in their schedule or routine that cause things to seem different. Susan Moran commented that they really stress in their house that different is good and show it by changing furniture around often and other methods. My eyes, heart and soul wrapped around those words and with Susan’s permission I tucked it away to “incubate” until the timing was right! You are a beautiful rockin Mom Susan! Here’s an explanation straight from Susan herself –

“Different is Good is a comment that is spoken in our house about every other sentence. It started as flexibility training for my darling IM who does NOT like change in schedule, routine, activity, etc… We sing and dance and chant, different is good, who can handle it? Then, the idea morphed into all differences are good…different people, people with differences. Wow, it is really going somewhere.”

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Most Popular Posts for 2011

Spent some time today combing through our 2011 posts to put together a “most popular” list for our new visitors and frequent visitors alike in case you missed something or want to share a great article with a friend. I wanted to include ALL of them as I think ALL of them are awesome and inspiring posts. I took a look at how many comments and facebook likes each post received. So here ya go – Most Popular Different iz Good posts for 2011!

Different iz Just Fine – January 7, 2011

Giving Sam a Voice – February 7, 2011

Symbiosis – February 9, 2011

My Kid Rides the Short Bus – February 16, 2011

It’s the Little Things – April 18, 2011

A Poem for Special Teachers! – April 27, 2011

Just a Little Girl – May 9, 2011

Different is Love – May 24, 2011

Showers, Escalators and Airport Toilets, Oh My! – September 13, 2011

Different is . . . – December 12, 2011

Samantha Enjoys Christmas in a Different Way – December 20, 2011

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Top 10 Christmas Wish List 2011

Please take a peek as the first “Top 3″ items won’t take a bite out of your money budget – Just a small bite out of your time budget!

  1. Share the Different iz Good website , Facebook page – and our Gift a Voice Project with your online community.
  2. Donate any used cell phone, smart phone, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for the Foundation’s Gift a Voice Project.
  3. Host a Gift a Voice Cell Phone Drive.
  4. Apple Gift Cards
  5. iTunes Gift Cards
  6. Amazon Gift Cards
  7. New iPod Touch or iPad
  8. Buy stuff from the Different iz Good store
  9. Cash Donations – Any Amount (Cash, Credit Card or PayPal)
  10. Sponsor a person with communication disabilities:

Approximately $600 will buy one NEW iPod Touch, Proloquo2Go (or similar) AAC Application, iMainGo speaker/case or similar and a cover (exact cost will depend on needs of recipient).

Approximately $1,200 will buy one NEW iPad, Proloquo2Go (or similar) AAC Application,  speaker and a case/cover (exact cost will depend on needs of recipient).

If you’d like more information about our Wish List items please comment below, comment on our Facebook Page or send an email to list @ differentizgood . org.

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Gift a Voice FUNdraiser – Vino for Voices

Whose ready to have some FUN while at the same time raising money for the Turning Views Foundation, Different iz Good and Gift a Voice?

Clark is our next Gift a Voice Recipient

We’ve got a great time scheduled for Wednesday, March 30th, from 6-8 pm at Kona Gold Coffee and Wine Bar y’all! An informal night of fun, wine, chocolate (Dorinda’s Chocolates to be exact!! YUM) and appetizers.

March 30, 2011, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Kona Gold Coffee & Wine Bar
3304 South McCarran Blvd Reno

Over TWENTY FIVE donations for our over the top awesome raffle!  Ranging from Jewelry to Gift Certificates to Wine to Oil Changes to Massages to Bread Baskets to Chocolate to Limousine services to Dental Exams to Books to Chiropractic Exams and all things in between!!

100% of the event fee goes to our Gift a Voice project.  Kona Gold is donating the space, the wine and the appetizers and Dorinda’s Chocolates is donating the chocolate.  Kona Gold is also donating all their tips for the night to our Foundation!!

Bring your inactive and used iPhones, smart phones and cell phones for donation to our Cell Phone Recycling for a Voice Drive.  Receive (1) One FREE raffle ticket for each phone donated.

Join us and support those in our lives with special needs and those with communication disabilities!

Help us spread the word about our Vino for Voices event by sharing with your Facebook Community and pressing that little ole “Like” button below!! We appreciate it times a million y’all!!

(After check out please print your PayPal receipt as that is your ticket to “taste”!!)

Sponsored and hosted by:

Delicious Mouth Watering Chocolate Provided by:

Bring Your Smile ‘Cause Photography Provided by:

Filming Provided By:

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Trashion Show

Thank you to Veronica Coleman of Magic 95.5 Wake Up Call for hosting a Cell Phone Recycling Drive for our Gift a Voice program in conjunction with The Trashion Show tonight, Friday, March 25, 2011.

Veronica recycles used items and creates handmade designs that she sells under the name Reno Upcycle.  Trashion Show will feature everything from the everyday to the obscure designed by Veronica, Lauren Gifford and Kimberly Phipps-Nichol (a Different iz Good Board of Director).

Hope to see any of you local folks there tonight! Kimberly also talked Camilla into being a model for her, so she will be wearing a couple of Kimberly’s designs! Oh my!!

Check out the Reno Tahoe Tonight article to learn more about Veronica and the Trashion Show (Page 74).

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Valentines for Voices

Hurry y’all!  No time to spare on this one.  Need to get these mailed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (February 7, 2011).  Those of you in Reno have a bit more time as we can hand deliver for ya! 😉

**These Valentine-Grams will be hand made by Fairy Princess Lillian Darnell**

Fairy Princess Lillian

3 Versions of Valentines to choose from – $5, $25, $50 –

$5 Valentine: Your sweetheart, friend, parent or child will receive a Valentine-Gram via email with a special message from you and us letting them know you helped purchase a voice for someone with communication disabilities.

$25 Valentine: Your sweetheart, friend, parent or child will receive a Valentine-Gram via US Mail with a special message from you and us letting them know you helped purchase a voice for someone with communication disabilities.

$50 Valentine: Your sweetheart, friend, parent or child will receive a Valentine-Gram AND a silver plated pewter pendant prayer box via US Mail with a special message from you and us letting them know you helped purchase a voice for someone with communication disabilities.

Round Prayer Box

Cylinder Prayer Box

Valentine Options

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H2O at Home Fundraiser

I am surrounded by amazing, spectacular and giving people! My friend Allison Edwards contacted me on Saturday and asked, “Is it okay if I have a fundraiser next week for Different iz Good and the Gift a Voice Project through my H2O at Home online store?”  It warms my heart to witness how having faith and pursuing your passion bring the right people and situations into your life!

I’m going to let Allison tell y’all in her own words about this (taken from her newsletter sent out on Saturday).

In my effort to focus on “giving back” in 2011, every month this year I am going to choose one week in which a local organization will receive 20% of all of my online sales. I hope that my efforts will not only raise money for these important causes, but also awareness of the various organizations.

I am very proud to announce Different Iz Good as the first featured cause of 2011!  My friend, Camilla Downs, founded this amazing organization in 2010 to provide speech generating devices (SGD) to children and adults with communication disabilities for communication purposes, to guide affected individuals in making a career or entrepreneur path and to advocate for those that are different due to disabilities.  In a few short years, she has made amazing strides and I am so happy to support Different Iz Good.  Here is a great article about how Different Iz Good came to be about & how recycled iPhones are giving a voice to speech-impared kids.  You may also want to check out this amazing video that I am sure will touch your heart!

From January 15-22nd, I will donate 20% of all online sales to Different Iz Good!  Shop now to support this amazing cause.  If you are having any troubles or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 775.223.3097

With Gratitude,

Allison Edwards

Founding Group Leader, H2O at Home

My favorite is the laundry ball y’all!  Check out their stuff – especially if you have family members who are sensitive to traditional cleaning products and the chemicals they contain.

Here’s an easy way to share with your Facebook Friends!  If H2O at Home isn’t for you, the next best action you can take is to share, share, share!  Thanks Allison and everyone else for your continued support!!

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