Different iz Good in Phoenix Arizona

Different iz Good in Phoenix, Arizona too!! Go Eric Schaefer Go!! Go Lucas Schaefer Go!! AND Go Nora Schaefer Go!!

(Article published in Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Online – May 11, 2012)

Simchat Shabbat brings joy to families
Service geared toward individuals with special needs

…… Nearly six years ago, our son Lucas was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder called chromosome 18p deletion syndrome. The doctor that gave us the bleak diagnosis knew little about his syndrome – she handed my wife and me a page from a medical journal and said, “Lucas will probably never walk or talk, and it’s likely that he’ll die young.” …. Read more from the original article

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Handicap This!


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(Guest Contributors Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach – They blog at Handicap This!) Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach met in the summer of 2001.  Tim was hired to help Mike, a 12 year old with cerebral palsy, as his aide in elementary … Continue reading

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Flexibility Training Led to Different iz Good

We love acknowledging those that Get Involved with the Different iz Good movement and the Turning Views Foundation ~ And, this one’s a biggie! The slogan Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word may never have existed but for the comments of a fellow Chromsome 18 Mom. In 2008 we were discussing how our beautiful special needs kiddos do not like change and changes in their schedule or routine that cause things to seem different. Susan Moran commented that they really stress in their house that different is good and show it by changing furniture around often and other methods. My eyes, heart and soul wrapped around those words and with Susan’s permission I tucked it away to “incubate” until the timing was right! You are a beautiful rockin Mom Susan! Here’s an explanation straight from Susan herself –

“Different is Good is a comment that is spoken in our house about every other sentence. It started as flexibility training for my darling IM who does NOT like change in schedule, routine, activity, etc… We sing and dance and chant, different is good, who can handle it? Then, the idea morphed into all differences are good…different people, people with differences. Wow, it is really going somewhere.”

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