Different is Love

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Different is Love

Different is learning love is like a rainbow:

Full of colors and joy-
Full of experiences that upon memory are as colorful as a rainbow,
Full of expectations that upon collaboration are as colorful as a rainbow;
even though the collaboration changes the expectations beyond imagining sometimes,
Full of joy for all of the differences that no one could have predicted and yes, these joys are as colorful as a rainbow.
Different is learning love is like a rainbow, very colorful and full of mystery and joy.


My journey with my darling daughter is like a kaleidoscope. It is a mixture of emotions at levels never before experienced or even imagined. She has taught me that love is joy. Different levels of joy and excitement over “small” things that others take for granted.

These joys occur on HER time table, not on the schedule from some developmental chart or some doctor or teacher’s notion of when is “right” for it to occur.

Love is those first independent steps that we had to wait an “extra year and a few months” for her to take.

Love is the pride that beams from every fiber of her being and through her soul when she “gets it” whatever the latest it is!

Love is the sheer, pure joy when my darling finally, after years of trying, jumps over that yellow bar at PT.

Love is knowing when to whoop and holler at her success and when to celebrate quietly so as not to interrupt the moment for her.

This kaleidoscope love of mine is wonderful. It is so full of color that changes and mixes and is constantly in flux.

I am blessed to have a kaleidoscope love child. Are you?

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About Susan

Hi my name is Susan M. I am the mother of 2 daughters. One is 17 years old and one is 7 years old. Both are very special girls. However, IM, the 7 year old has some extras in her package. She has Chromosome 18p-. What this means for IM is she has many medical concerns. She sees lots of doctors and goes to OT, PT, and speech. What this also means is that we are challenged daily to celebrate life as she does. There are MANY celebrations often. And we happy dance for them all. She loves to sing, dance, run, jump, play with friends and play pretend and teach us all about life in IM's world! In spite of the long list of might nots and probably wonts, she is a very bubbly and verbal and active girl. We celebrate life and differences daily. Thanks IM for helping us to focus! Hugs all! Susan

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