Acceptance of Different

(Guest post by Susan Moran –Learn more about Susan by visiting our Contributors Page)

There are many things to accept in this world. We must accept different people, different cultures, different religions, different points of view, different methods of accomplishing tasks, different schedules, expectations, rules, directions, likes and dislikes and the list goes on and on and on.

In our house, one darling really needs help with accepting different expectations and different methods of accomplishing tasks. She likes sameness—it is comforting to know how and when things will be done. However, as stated above, this is NOT how life really works. So, I am challenged daily to help her embrace and enjoy flexibility. 🙂 To this end, I made up a song/chant with her in the car the other day.

I wrote a song to help IM deal with adjusting her evening schedule to include sitter time. She loves her sitter but still struggles with differences in routines and how things are done. All things should be done Momma’s way, don’t you know?! 🙂 So, here it is.

Izzy’s way, Izzy’s way
I like to do it Izzy’s way
Sometimes it’s dif-fer-ent,
But that’s O. K.,
I LIKE to do it Izzy’s way.

We also talk about how this song can help at school, at PT, at doctor’s appts, where ever things are different—we can sing this song and make it a good day. 🙂 It helped that night and another night too. 🙂

I bet you know some one who could use flexibility training too. 🙂

What will you do today to embrace, celebrate or help some one with differences?

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About Susan

Hi my name is Susan M. I am the mother of 2 daughters. One is 17 years old and one is 7 years old. Both are very special girls. However, IM, the 7 year old has some extras in her package. She has Chromosome 18p-. What this means for IM is she has many medical concerns. She sees lots of doctors and goes to OT, PT, and speech. What this also means is that we are challenged daily to celebrate life as she does. There are MANY celebrations often. And we happy dance for them all. She loves to sing, dance, run, jump, play with friends and play pretend and teach us all about life in IM's world! In spite of the long list of might nots and probably wonts, she is a very bubbly and verbal and active girl. We celebrate life and differences daily. Thanks IM for helping us to focus! Hugs all! Susan

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