H2O at Home Fundraiser

I am surrounded by amazing, spectacular and giving people! My friend Allison Edwards contacted me on Saturday and asked, “Is it okay if I have a fundraiser next week for Different iz Good and the Gift a Voice Project through my H2O at Home online store?”  It warms my heart to witness how having faith and pursuing your passion bring the right people and situations into your life!

I’m going to let Allison tell y’all in her own words about this (taken from her newsletter sent out on Saturday).

In my effort to focus on “giving back” in 2011, every month this year I am going to choose one week in which a local organization will receive 20% of all of my online sales. I hope that my efforts will not only raise money for these important causes, but also awareness of the various organizations.

I am very proud to announce Different Iz Good as the first featured cause of 2011!  My friend, Camilla Downs, founded this amazing organization in 2010 to provide speech generating devices (SGD) to children and adults with communication disabilities for communication purposes, to guide affected individuals in making a career or entrepreneur path and to advocate for those that are different due to disabilities.  In a few short years, she has made amazing strides and I am so happy to support Different Iz Good.  Here is a great article about how Different Iz Good came to be about & how recycled iPhones are giving a voice to speech-impared kids.  You may also want to check out this amazing video that I am sure will touch your heart!

From January 15-22nd, I will donate 20% of all online sales to Different Iz Good!  Shop now to support this amazing cause.  If you are having any troubles or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 775.223.3097

With Gratitude,

Allison Edwards

Founding Group Leader, H2O at Home

My favorite is the laundry ball y’all!  Check out their stuff – especially if you have family members who are sensitive to traditional cleaning products and the chemicals they contain.

Here’s an easy way to share with your Facebook Friends!  If H2O at Home isn’t for you, the next best action you can take is to share, share, share!  Thanks Allison and everyone else for your continued support!!

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