Everybody’s Different

(Guest post by Sara Jackson Johnson –  Sara blogs at Sara in Between)

Why Different iz Good Exists!

Everybody’s Different by Sara Jackson

Every day I look around and this is what I see
Lots of different ways to look and different ways to be
Sammy’s only got a dad and Melly’s got two mummies
Emma’s face is often sad while Tommy makes things funny
Jacob’s hair is curlyish and Angie’s always sneezing
Louis gets up earlyish and Ella’s feet are freezing.
I find it odd the world around us thinks we’re all the same
As I think they might be looking without turning on their brain
So let’s celebrate our differences and how unique we are
And change the record, shout out loud and spread this message far
Because everybody’s different, it’s very plain to see
She and you and him and her and them and us and me!”

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