November 13th is World Kindness Day

World Kindness day is HERE!  You can read more about World Kindness here.  Practicing kindness is a great way to bring families, friends and neighbors together. Here are some ideas for your celebration  (Ideas for this were excerpted from this World Kindness Day post.)

1. Leave something special on the neighbor’s doorstep. Flowers, a baked good, an invitation to share a meal.

2. Make your kid’s bed. Do the one chore your kid hates the most for him/her.

3. Make a contribution toward the Turning Views Foundation and Different iz Good movement. Change and one dollar bills from piggy banks count too. Don’t forget about the Different iz Good store!

4. Write a thank you or draw a picture for someone you love. Tell them what you love about them and thank them for being themselves.

5. Pay the bill for the car behind you at the coffee or fast food drive thru, let your child give the money from the back window.

6. Pick up some trash. Spend an hour cleaning up a park, school, or even your neighborhood.

7. Post on a Friend’s Facebook why you are grateful to have them in your life.

8. Smile at 10 people today.

9. Visit a grandparent or elderly friend.

10. Call a friend or family member just to say “Hey” and tell them you are grateful to have them in your life!

Come on over and add to our list and also share with us how your World Kindness Day celebration went in the comments.

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