Do It Different and Also Help Different iz Good

Want an opportunity to help yourself while at the same time helping the Turning Views Foundation and the Different iz Good cause?  Oh, and for as little as $1 or whatever loose change you have!!!  More is good, too!

Rachel Flower of Senssoma has created a FUN 30 Day Change Challenge Course called Do it Different and has generously offered this course for FREE to anyone who makes a donation to the Turning Views Foundation and the Different iz Good movement in the next two (2) days.  After that, 50% of the course fee will be donated to Turning Views.

The Do it Different Change Course is for those of us who are not getting the results we’d like or fulfillment we’d like.  For those of us experiencing set backs, overwhelm or frustration.  If you are ready to have some fun AND get your Mojo back, sign up for the Do it Different 30 Day Challenge.  After this course your life, your business and your creative expression will definitely be different . . . AND it’s a whole lot of fun! Plus, for the next two (2) days you can get all this for whatever donation you can make to our organization – no matter how small (or how large if you are able)!!

Please take a few minutes to check out the course at the Do it Different site and share this with anyone in your life you think would benefit.  I, Camilla Downs, HIGHLY recommend Rachel.  She is a dear friend and knows her stuff when it comes to overcoming set backs, overwhelm and frustration and I speak from personal experience.

Thank you to everyone who participates and for sharing this post!

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