The Power of Different

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We are blessed to live in different times.   I am blessed to have been chosen as Lillian’s Mom.  Not only does Lillian hold a special power that we “typical” types don’t, she has infused me with power just by being my daughter.

Fairy Princess Lillian

What silliness is this you say? I have accomplished goals and am on my way to accomplishing even more than I ever thought possible in my pre Lillian life.  More than the “before Lillian” me would have ever done! I strive to remind myself to enjoy every single day of the journey I am on.  To not have thoughts of “I’ll be happy when this, that or the other happens” or “I’ll be happy when I reach this or that goal”.  I have discovered that it’s not the destination that matters at all, it’s that I choose to enjoy the journey of getting to that destination.  Because there will always be another destination, another goal.  My time here will be done when I don’t have any more goals or destinations.   Lillian Darnell, self-proclaimed fairy princess, has helped open my eyes, heart and soul to knowing that it’s “the journey” that matters, not the destination!

I know that most of the power comes from within me; but Lillian has added to that and has given me a different view of things and life. There are still times when I don’t slow down and see, hear or think in a way that she does so that I can understand her and her world.  There are times when I am not compassionate and I should be. Lillian reminds me to think differently.

Had I not arrived in a different place than planned, I would never have realized the power, wisdom and compassion that lies within me ~ Camilla Downs ~

Lillian has more power by way of her differences than I can even comprehend at times. It is my hope that she figures out a way to tap into all that lies within her; and I will help her in any way I can (even if that means not helping sometimes).  Some may disagree, but I tell Lillian that she is Different and that she will, and it is okay, to use that to her advantage in her life. She doesn’t really know what the heck I’m talking about right now.  Hopefully one day she will!

Those who have met Lillian and those who have children like Lillian, who are differently-able, who are unique, recognize THAT “something” very special about her and them.  There is no word to adequately describe this.  These children hold a power that some just don’t see and/or don’t understand.  I see it. I don’t always understand it.  But, I see it.  Do you?

Different iz Good . . . Different is Powerful!

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