I Have a Dream

(This post contributed by Camilla Downs – Camilla blogs at CamillaDowns.com)

“Whatever you dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

I have a dream of  a world where amazing people like my daughter Lillian Darnell, people who have intellectual disabilities, genetic differences, chromosome abnormalities, and the like are NOT pigeonholed into jobs performing mundane tasks that don’t reveal and let shine their uniqueness.  Jobs that do not give them the opportunity to share their unique and different view of the world.

I have a dream of a world where those closest to these magnificent people and those who are entrusted to educate them shift their paradigm.  A world in which we become aware of NOT what they can’t do or what they are doing wrong or different.  A world where educators don’t attempt to make them fit into a cookie cutter system that is so archaic even “typical” kids don’t fit in.  A world where we open our eyes and discover what they CAN DO, what they are GOOD at doing and what they LIKE to do.  A world where we notice what excites them, what fuels their passions.  A world where WE take the initiative to mentor them to cultivate this, shape and mold it into a way for them to earn a living for themselves and not have to rely on a minimum wage job and an SSI check.  Whether that be working for someone else OR . . . being an entrepreneur.  A world in which we, and they, don’t feel guilty or wrong about using their differences to their advantage in their life.

“Each of us has a Different gift that lies within us.  Some amongst us just need a little extra help in discovering that gift and sharing it for the benefit of the world. ” Camilla

My part in this dream is to do whatever I can to give these awesome people and their families the tools, information and resources to further their dream and mine. To continue and further my efforts with Turning Views Foundation to be a nonprofit that truly helps to mentor and guide these amazing individuals in discovering their talents and gifts, reach goals and to have a career doing what they love to do OR become an entrepreneur and do what they love!  The Foundation wants to do everything it can to give them a voice in their own future.

Do you feel strongly about this dream?  Want to learn how you can help further this dream? Want to be a part of the Different iz Good Movement? Visit Here! Thanks y’all for your support and encouragement! With your help Turning Views Foundation will make the lives of others better, empower others to do things they never dreamed they would do and will give a voice to those without one!

I have a dream . . . what’s your dream?  Please share your dream with us!

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